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Easter Weekend Update

Wishing all of our families a wonderful Easter weekend. 

Thank you for your kind words and emails with regards to our online classes. Our goal is for our dancers to keep the sense of normalcy that they feel by continuing to take their dance classes.

Please continue to encourage them to check their folders and take their dance class. The teachers have been working diligently to create these classes and all dance folders are updated weekly with new dance content. You will also find bonus colouring sheets, crossword puzzles, dance theory & goal setting activities. 

Dance is a great outlet for physical fitness, mental health AND is a great family activity! We have uploaded a new bonus Adult Hip Hop class in addition to the Boys Hip Hop class to your dancer’s folders in hopes of adding some fun fitness options for the whole family. Why not take one of these classes together this weekend?!

EXCITING NEWS! We will be offering live zoom classes for all ages and all genres of dance 🙂 Detailed information will be sent out next week.

Sending you light and love. We will get through this together, keep dancing!

Miss Koryn xo.

Update to Pique Families

Sending a big thank-you to parents and dancers for your ongoing support and encouragement as we make every effort to offer training, support and as much normalcy as possible to our dancers and dance family. Your support of the efforts of the studio and teachers is greatly appreciated and we will continue online as long as necessary to ensure that your kids keep up with their dance training as we firmly believe that dance helps their physical and mental health.

Payments for April will proceed as usual. For those who make payment by e-transfer we are requesting that you please send your payment for April 1. Some families have already done so and it is greatly appreciated. We are constantly evaluating how to proceed and have the safety and health of everyone in mind while doing so.

We hope that your dancer has being enjoying their online classes. We decided to upload them into folders to provide the most flexibility in terms of the time of day that your dancer chooses to take class. This also allows your dancer to take their class multiple times per week. Should you not have access to your online folders please contact us by e-mail.

We are excited to be working on an adult hip hop bonus class 🙂 This will be uploaded into all folders by next week.

We are happy to roll out the first of our bonus classes- BOYS HIP HOP! A folder will be added to everyone’s classes this week! We encourage the brothers (& Dads) at home to join us in a fun class !

Missing you. Miss Koryn

Google Drive Folder Update

Hi there!

We hope that you are all well 🙂

We have been missing all of our Pique families very much and wanted to give you a quick update.

We hope that our Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday dancers have been dancing along with us through our google drive folders. The teachers and I have been having fun putting these classes together. They are released day by day with Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday’s classes now having been uploaded.

By having the classes in the folders this gives our families the highest degree of flexibility as they are always available. Dancers are able to visit the folders any time of the day (or night) and may revisit them (and take class) as many times as they would like.

If you are missing a link to a folder please send me an email with the name of the class and its’ date/time (for example Miss Koryn’s Wed 5pm Tap) to: and I will be happy to add it.

Take care,
Miss Koryn xo.

Hello Cherished Pique Families ~ from Miss Koryn

Hello Cherished Pique Dance Studio Families!

We have missed you very much and we hope that you are all well. As a small business owner, I would like to thank you for your support and continued patronage. By offering online classes, our goal is to offer our dancers an outlet and some “normalcy” over the next few weeks. These online classes also keep our beloved dance teachers employed, and I thank you for your incredible support. 

We have been thinking about all of you and want to help everyone through this challenging time. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

When we dance we are at PLAY. You are at PLAY when you are involved in a recreational activity and are thinking of nothing else but that activity. RECREATION + LEISURE (STATE OF MIND) = PLAY. We are here to help our dancers take a break and play 🙂

We have been filming away at the studio and are excited to upload our files into your google drive folders as of Monday morning. We will be focusing on uploading the classes one day at a time (starting with Monday) so that we do not overload the system. 

Please send us an email on Friday if you have not received a link for your dancer’s class. 

Please let us know your dancer’s name, the class and the email address that should be added. I have been creating the google drive folders all week & adding multitudes of email addresses to each new file daily (based on the email listed on your studio account). I tell you this information only because Google has been limiting how many people I am able to send a link to every day. Each family should receive a separate email link for each class that your dancer is enrolled in. 

We are excited to announce that we will also be uploading BONUS classes into your folders over the next two weeks as well as activity pages and colouring as a way to help keep your dancer busy 🙂

I am sending you all so much love and the biggest hugs.

Much love and light to you all, Miss Koryn xoxo.

Pique’s Response to the Corona Virus

The studio is currently closed as planned for March Break. We will remain closed as long as the Ministry recommends Public Schools stay closed.

We encourage all of our dancers to stretch and continue dancing. We are working on a live stream system where our dancers will be able to take their classes from home for the two weeks after March Break.

We will be sending more information through mass email system as well as posting updates on our website and facebook page. We are in this together! xo